• "Moira"

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    She is the classiest witch in town! She is very appropriately named MOIRA, which means 'exceptional'. And her side kick, the owl, sits at her feet. She is highly detailed in sculpting, costuming, and in accessories. 

    Handsculpted and one-of-a-kind, her face and hands have been sculpted from polymer clay. She wears antique/vintage jewelry on her chest, and her hand. On her chest is a beautiful brooch of crystal stones flanked by a rich green gem on top and bottom, and a deep red center gem in the middle. On her hand, is a mounted black flower representing a ring. 

    Her face is kindly and expressive. She has long red hair and green eyes. Her sculpted fingernails are painted bright red. Her cape is exquisite! A dark gray tatted(?) material with black bugle beeds throughout. On her hand, is a wristlet of the same material to create a swag effect when viewed from the side. Her olive green sleeves are embellished with beautiful gold thread and various seed and bugle beads. At her neck, is a beautiful and rich floral raised pattern. The front body of her dress features black enhancements on a black glittered background. Purple tulle can be seen briefly inbetween the layers of clothing. And a gorgeous sparkle of black is seen on the fabric next to the purple. A green gauze offsets the black fabrics. Her shoulders are covered by a looped and ribboned tasseled addition that adds just the right amount of glitz! 

    The owl at her feet is gray and white with black stripes. He has golden eyes with a  straight forward stare. 

    And her hat! oh my! The hat features a beautiful hand made muti-colored, multi-fabric ribbon enhanced with gold glittered tulle and black feathers. At the base of the hat is a repeat of the black raised floral pattern trim matching the material at her neck. An ornamental purple trim ribbon is used at the base of the hat. A very small amount of glitter on one side of her hat helps to pull the look together. 

    This witch is ready for the Witches Ball! 

    She measures approximately 18" tall, 11.5" wide, and 10" deep.