• "Aradia"

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    In a world full of witches, she is the queen crone! I am pleased to introduce ARADIA to you. She has been carefully sculpted with polymer clay over a wooden armature. She has a padded body made from cotton batting. She is securely mounted to an invisible wooden base. 


    She carries a kind expression and a firendly face. Her hands feature French tipped fingernails. She holds a handmade besom (broom),  adorned with stone, glass, shell and leather. Her ornate witch hat features an ornamental focus point of pumpkins and a gourd surrounded by lace, feathers, gauze, and tulle. A medallion is centered at the base of her hat that matches the one on her chest. Her dark black curly hair is made from lambs' wool. 

    Her costuming is made of many layers of various fabrics, textures, and colors. 


    She measures 20"H x 12"W x 10"D approximately.