"Skelly & Friend"
  • "Skelly & Friend"

    SKU: Skelly w Skeleton

    Skelly is as original as it comes! He has a uniqueness to style and looks that makes him appear both friendly and stylish. His contorted face and boney hand are sculpted from polymer clay. He face and hand has been both been painted and airbrushed. Skelly was built over a metal armature and various materials were used to create his look. 

    His tall stove hat has an underlying fabric with a Harlequin pattern in black and white. A button on the side of his hat matches the buttons on his vest. Underneath the hat is a black and white striped ring that adds just the right touch to offset his face. His vest is from felt and carries two buttons. His sleeve is a crinkled cotton. Black cheesecloth was used abundantly to give him plenty of interest. In his fingers, he holds a likely toy that he has been friends with for a very long time; a small and complete skeleton, painted white.