Roosting Vulture
  • Roosting Vulture

    We are fortunate to have vultures migrate and roost in our woodline every year. This sculpture is inspired by their presence. 

    The vulture is sculpted from epoxy clay, his wings are crafted from mulberry handmade paper. A stiffening agent has been added to hold the shape and form of the wings. His eyes are taxidermy quality acrylic. 

    He is built on a metal armature with his feet attached to the handle at the top of the clock. 

    Hand painted to closely resemble the turkey vulture, this work is alluring and large in size. 

    The clock is a vintage find. I have removed the clocks numbers face so I could paint a scene of circling vultures as they appear in the sky. 

    This is a one-of-a-kind sculpture. 

    Shipping will need to be calculated for this work as the piece is heavy. All packaging/shipping will be performed professionally by the UPS store.