SKU: H”owl”loween

    This original, unique, and definitely one of a kind sculpture of a hybrid owl will fit right into your OWL collection, FANTASY collection, or other. The face is sculpted from polymer clay and has been painted AND airbrushed with a final fixative coat for protection.  The head is covered in white feathers and a ruffled trim surrounds what would be the neck area. Underneath that, is another, different, feather type with long white spines. The handcrafted hat has a white base, with the stove part of the hat covered with a beautiful and colorful peacock feather fabric. Classy trim of green and gold served as a hat band. Colorful feathers accent the hat including a special coral colored feather from a friends' parrot. 

    The base is made of metal and the artwork is signed on top of the metal base. This work of art does NOT disassemble and will be shipped accordingly. 


    Approximate size is 18.5”h x 6”w x 8"d.