Nana and the Crabby Tabby
  • Nana and the Crabby Tabby


    As revealed by his facial expression, the Crabby Tabby is not happy about having to wear a mouse hat. Nana is oblivious to the fact and appears to be content with the matching hats she has knitted for both of them to wear. In the spirit of a ‘cat lady’, Nana was sculpted to show age with plenty of wrinkles to express her years. Besides being elderly, it can also be discovered that Nana suffered from polio as is evidenced by a shorter leg and one shoe having a higher base to correct the deficit.


    The doll is completely handmade on a wire armature and sculpted with polymer clay. The clothing is completely original and has been hand-sewn. The cat is also sculpted on a wire armature. The cat is removable from the sculpted hands and the doll is removable from the base.


    The adult sized pre-owned clothing was designed and altered to create the costuming for this doll. The material of the hats came from an adult scarf. The matching hats on the doll and cat were designed to simulate that of a mouse face and mouse ears with a pompom on top. I sculpted the shoes of the doll to emulate orthopedic style. Both figures have glass eyes.


    “Nana and the Crabby Tabby” is approximately 16” high. The wooden base is 7” x 9” x ¾”.