The Mystic Hag OOAK Witch 19"
  • The Mystic Hag OOAK Witch 19"


    Halloween is near and it’s time for the witches to appear!

    This one of a kind handmade and artist sculpted witch features not only a unique facial expression, but a unique and detailed attire. She is dressed in her finest and ready to produce her Magick! Her hair is bun-like, and her sculpted hands are expressive and articulated. Her nose is afflicted with a rather large mole with hairs 'growing' from the center. Her eyes are hand sculpted and painted and her years of gained wisdom shows in the terrain of her face. She wears a necklace of various bone elements flanked by a small skull. She stands about 19" to the very tip of her hat. 

    She is made from polymer clay and many layers of various fabrics and textures were used for her cloak and clothing. 

    Cindy DeGraw is a professional artist that has received peer Gold Awards from the Professional Doll Makers Art Guild
    for some of her incredible one of a kind art dolls. You can own one today!

    Props in photo are not included in purchase.