Mr. Woodland Critter
  • Mr. Woodland Critter

    Original and unique sculpture featuring “Mr. Woodland Critter.” This little fellow is a one of a kind art sculpture created by professional artist Cindy DeGraw. He is part gnome, part elven, and part animal. He lives in a world of nature; albeit a bit fuzzy as he is partially blind in one eye.


    He is brimming with a grand smile while holding a pipe in his mouth. He has a wool hat with dangling ties. He is a creature of the earth and the Mother herself. From atop his head is a lush and colorful plethora of vegetation and bark. Look closely and you will see various mushrooms, including a morel, pine cones, blades of leaves, berries, and even a large branch and leaves. 


    On his shoulder is a small bird of the woodlands. His leather necklace carries a gem of the earth. In one of his gloved hands, he holds a tall staff adorned with a magical amulet of yellow and green. The staff is woven with leather and has a bone type bead for the base. 


    He wears shorts with a rope belt. His plump belly protrudes from under his shirt.


    His shoes are made of leather, sculpted leaves, and a small metallic heart closure on each boot. A long critter like tail appears on his backside. He stands approximately 7” tall, staff not included in measurement.