Mr Wiggles & the Dog Walker
  • Mr Wiggles & the Dog Walker

    Mr. Wiggles is an overactive canine being ‘handled’ by an elderly dog walker. Being the overactive dog he is, the leash has been chewed in half and repaired by tying the ends together. The leash is tangled around the dog as well as the hand of the walker. The dog walker is challenged to keep his balance.


    Both the doll and the dog are completely handmade on a wire armature and sculpted with polymer clay. The clothing is completely original and has been hand-sewn. Most embellishments are handmade as well. Both figures are secured by brass rods and tubes and both figures are removable from the base.


    The adult sized pre-owned clothing was designed and altered to create the costuming for this doll. The shoes are hand-sculpted and a cotton cord serves as the shoelaces. A bracelet made from copper wire is worn around his wrist. His hat is made of leather and features a patched leather spot on the visor.

    The dog has a leather leash with a braided handle. Small jewelry findings and leather cord were used to create the dog collar. The silver bone on the collar is a jewelry charm.

    Both figures have handmade and hand-painted eyes.


    The Dog Walker is approximately 15” high and Mr. Wiggles is approximately 4” high. The wooden base is a 6.5” x 9.5”x .75” oval.