Miniature 1/12" Scale Witch Cauldron COOAK
  • Miniature 1/12" Scale Witch Cauldron COOAK

    This little witch is perfect for your Halloween setting or collection. Her sweet, grandmotherly, face is friendly and whimsical. 

    She holds a handmade (and attached) witches brew stick in her tiny little hands. Her pointy witches hat is tipped to the side and frames her red hair. Her costuming is made from various materials; some sheer and some very textured. The mixed layers of colors and textures creates movement and drama in her costume. 

    The cauldron is also handmade/sculpted from polymer clay. It is filled with greens and leaves, fingers, and even a tongue! Under the 'bubbles' are a couple of eyeballs in the stew. All were handsculpted. 


    Original design completely handmade by artist CiNdY DeGraw. 

    She is 5” tall to the tip of her posable hat and is 1/12” scale. 


    Artist CiNdY DeGraw has been awarded two coveted Gold Awards from the Professional Doll Makers Art Guild for her sculptures. DeGraws’ work can also be seen at the Northland Artists Gallery in Weston, Missouri. Follow her on Instagram for upcoming events and more products.