Gandy Dancer the Railroad Worker
  • Gandy Dancer the Railroad Worker

    The name Gandy Dancer is slang for the railroad workers of the early 1900’s. They were men that laid and maintained the railroad tracks. When a railroad worker used a rail alignment bar, called a gandy bar, the swaying movement is what the name Gandy Dancer is theorized to have originated from.


    This hand-sculpted one of a kind doll is completely handmade on a wire armature and sculpted with polymer clay. The clothing is completely original and has been hand-sewn. The doll is removable from the base. The doll is stabilized by the insertion of a brass rod into the boot and an extension of the shovels’ handle inserted into the base for stability. The gandy bar is repositionable and not attached.


    Gandy Dancer is approximately 12” high. The overall artwork is 14” high. The wooden base is 5”x 7”x .75” enbellished with hand-sculpted railroad wooden ties and railroad tracks. Both of the hand-tools, a shovel and a gandy bar, are sculpted as well.