Dream to Live Forever
  • Dream to Live Forever

    Dream to Live Forever is from my Creepy Doll collection. Made from vintage vinyl or porcelain dolls, the dolls in this collection are all one-of-a-kind originals that I have created in my studio. 

    This zombie fellow is heavily altered and sculpted. All clothing and accessories are handmade or hand embellished. 

    For all Halloween enthusiasts! Great gifting too! 


    19"h x 9"w x 4"d



    I just wanted to simplify my life by slowing it down just a notch. I was your average Joe living an average life. 

    But, I was happy; very happy. I cherished my family as they did me. I loved my job and looked forward to going to work. A busy and active home life with the family was always a bonding experience. I pretty much had it all I guess you could say. 

    Then the tragic event happened that took it all away from me. I was thrust away from my family in a flash! The life I had known was gone. I felt pain all over my body. I was no longer ambulatory with a smooth gait. My joints hurt and my vision became challenged. I missed my family horribly. I felt so alone. 

    And then it struck me like lightening! 

    My wish to live forever was granted!