Creepy Bride
  • Creepy Bride

    Creepy Bride is from my Creepy Doll collection. Made from vintage vinyl or porcelain dolls, the dolls in this collection are all one-of-a-kind originals that I have created in my studio. 

    For all Halloween enthusiasts! Great gifting too! 


    25"h (includes birds on hat) x 8"w x 12"d



    Every little girl wants to grow up and become a bride, right? Well, I was no different. Well, actually, I was a lot different. I was not exactly a 'picture perfect' bride and I knew it. My face was distorted and I had lost an eye on a bet. My thoughts and lifestyle are not painted with pink flowers and lace.  I feel most fortunate to have found my sould mate in a groom that shares the same mindset and lifestyle. 

    My best friend made my bridal hat. She and I discussed the details at length. The metal base of the hat was important to ensure my thoughts would not escape me. My love of nature had to be included so she utilized flowers, moss, and a few wooden twigs. The feathered bird-like figures atop the twigs represent my freedom to live my life the way I choose. A perpetual state of Goth is my life choice to the black used throughout my bridal attire was appropriate. 

    Maybe you will get to meet my goom soon. We have so much in common. We are just like two peas in a black pod.