Sometimes, in the far corners of my mind, I see images. They may be random, they be clear as a bird on a sunny day. They may be stark and exact but magnified with just a snippet in view.

I cleanse the cobwebs and stray thoughts from my creative side and focus. Most of the work you will see here came as visions, originated as tidbits of thoughts. As an artist, I build a story like a bricklayer mason builds a wall; one piece at a time.

In my world, I have a place I like to go. In the deep woods I find solace and clarity. Nature surrounds me, as above so below. It envelops my senses. And when it is time, like a celebration of the whole: “To draw, you must close your eyes, and let your fingers sing.” –Picasso.


In each work of art there is a story. The story is told with imagery, symbolism, and color. Find the work that draws your eye and begin your own journey of enlightenment. There is something there that grabbed your attention. Focus. Listen to your inner voice. What is it telling you; what story do you hear? What can you learn from your experience? Each viewer will have their very own personal journey with each work of art.


I hope you will enjoy this site. If you so choose, your feedback is always welcomed here. I would sincerely love to read your thoughts and comments.

-the artist.