Cindy DeGraw

Cindy is a full-time artist offering various works of art in an array of various mediums and substrates. She does accept commissions and custom requests. 

Her work was recently selected as the 2018 winning entry for an art doll she created entitled "Learning to Fly" which featured Santa Claus teaching Rudolph to fly. (Can be seen in the PAINTINGS GALLERY on this website).  She received the Gold Award from the PDMAG. The competition was sponsored by

"March of the Teddy Bears" was a competition similar to the "Cow Parade" of Kansas City that Cindy participated in. She was commissioned to create a life-size fiberglass bear for the Kansas City Parks and Recreation Department. Hallmark Cards selected one of her creations, "Trained Bear" to be replicated for mass production and marketing. In all, she designed and created six of the life-size teddy bears for the event. 

Her work has been 
published in various printed materials, such as Horse Illustrated, Quarter Horse Journal, and others. 

Member of PDMAG; Professional Doll Makers Art Guild.
Member of the International Society of Assemblage and Collage Artists